The SLCCV Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors Program and your Homeowners Association are proud to bring the Vial of Life Program to you.  In the event of an emergency, such as sudden hospitalization or paramedics being called to your home, the medical information inside the Vial of Life will speak for you if you cannot communicate for yourself.

The system is simple and requires just a few minutes of your time to complete the form. The form outlines your medical condition, allergies, current medications (including dosages and frequency), treating doctor(s), emergency contacts and insurance information. The form is then folded, rolled and inserted into the Vial.  Then one of the two Vial of Life decals is placed on the Vial. The Vial is then placed inside the refrigerator freezer door where it will be easily seen.   The second decal is placed on the front door at eye level.  Upon seeing the decal, rescue personnel will know to look in the refrigerator for your Vial of Life.  If and when your medical information changes then it is important that you update the form in your Vial of Life.  This must be kept current to provide accurate information to emergency personnel.  For this reason it is suggested that you make a copy of the form before you complete it to make it easier to update.  It is also recommended you complete the form in pencil to make updating easier.

Two other documents that you might consider including in your Vial of Life are a copy of your Living Will and a copy of your Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order if you have one.   . 

In addition to having this vital medical information readily available in the Vial of Life in your home you could also make a copy of each document, fold and place all documents in a plastic bag and place in the glove box of your car.  Now you have a ”Life Vial Mobile” .  In the event of an accident responding paramedics will have immediate access to your medical information.  This program aims to help save lives.  When medication information is communicated correctly during an emergency, it allows the emergency responders to act more quickly.

Your Vial of Life is available from Neighbors Helping Neighbors at each monthly SLCCV Home Owners Association meeting.  Become a member of your HOA which is always working with and for you.  Stop at the NHN table in the back of the auditorium to get your Vial and begin your own life saving project.