The Home Rentals pages are provided as a service to SLCCV home owners who wish to sub-lease (rent) their homes for short or long term rental and for those searching for a home to rent at SLCCV.  See the links above.  The Web Site is not responsible for the information in these listings.  We are not realestate or rental agents. 

Owners and potential renters must comply with the Spanish Lakes rental policy.  Contact Norann at 772-878-2575 for information and questions regarding this policy and to schedule necessary appointments for approval of the sub-leasing agreement and instructions regarding acquiring a renters badge.  Policy requirements include, but are not limited to, the following.
Owner must have a signed lease in order to sub-lease (rent) their home.
One of the renters must be 55 or older and no children under 35 years of age.
Owner must be current on their rent, water and clean-up order stipulations.